Saturday 15 December 2012


Sauntering along the back of the sofa is no longer allowed!
Headstand practice.
Jumping off the windowsill.
Ho hum, just a v quicky! We've been inside all day today- Danny is ill so was confined to the sofa. This meant Zac was in maximum bounce mode. I cannot stop him jumping on the furniture! When they were little this didn't matter much- our furniture is pretty old and the kids were very light so not much damage could be done, but now Zac's nearly 6 we're getting to the point where we could end up needing a new sofa because of their antics and I need to persuade them to stop. I was trying to remember how they burned off energy on stuck-inside days in the past and I remembered the mattress.
Why pay for soft play!
We have a big old one that used to live on the floor in the boys room in case Zac fell out of bed when he first transferred to a proper one. It was the ideal trampoline/crash mat/slide/den roof. They leapt off the windowsill onto it,  practised their forwards rolls and headstands on it, bounced endlessly and propped it up against their beds so they could slide or roll down it. It was a lot of fun and burned off a lot of energy. So here's a few pics to accompany my tip for the day. For free, fun and active entertainment that practises lots of gross motor skills and tires the critters out when it's just too miserable to get them outside, get hold of an old mattress and let them at it!
Mattress roof.

Here's a clip of Danny "Flying" off the windowsill when he was a baby:

Thank goodness for soft matresses!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I bet the children love it!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. What a great idea, they must absolutely love doing that :) #LetKidsBeKids

  3. It is great fun, and definitely tires them out too. I once tried to demo a forward roll on it tho and got really dizzy- another sign of age!! x