Tuesday 22 January 2013


Mind your toes
It's still snowy. If you want to be out in the white stuff I put some ideas in my weather post, but if not I fear a lot of my blog is about good outdoor activities and not much help if you'd rather stay snug and warm inside. So my extremely brief thought for the day is Towers.
Towers are something that seem totally compulsory for babies and small children. I think it's the hand-eye challenge of balancing one thing on another and seeing how high you can go. And of course, long before you can build them yourself, you can bash other people's- which is always very entertaining for the basher, though perhaps less so for the builder.
How high can you go?

Lots of things will stack. I guess most children have some kind of bricks or duplo/lego style blocks, but if not it's fun to see what else you can use. Learning to put the larger things at the bottom, or at least to give your tower a sturdy base so that you can build it really high before it topples, is just about the only thing you need to get started, so it's a good activity for sorting by size. Zac learned about patterns at pre-school and then loved to build brick towers so the colours made a pattern- red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue etc.
Danny the destroyer!

If you can stand the disruption, making towers out of sofa cushions and then bouncing your small child on the top always raises a giggle.
Can't really think of anything else to say, just have a look around, see what unusual thing they can stack and see how high it will go!
Making a tower from green "Halloween" jelly.

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